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How to Fix Android Jelly Bean WiFi Issues

How to Fix Android Jelly Bean WiFi Issues


If you have installed the latest version of the Android, Jelly Bean, you must be busy in exploring its features. Some of the users who have installed Jelly Bean on their devices say that the WiFi performance has become quite weaker than what it was in their previous ROM. Apparently the issue has affected all the users who just installed Jelly Bean on their devices. To fix the issue, an XDA developer has come up with a file that you can flash on your phone to get rid of the WiFi issues. Following is the complete guide on how you can fix this issue.

I. Before You Begin:

1. You must have rooted your device before doing this procedure. Please head to our Android How Tos section to find out the rooting procedure for your device.

2. You must have ClockworkMod Recovery installed on your device. You can browser our ClockworkMod Recovery archive to find the installation procedure for your device.

3. You must be running on the Android Jelly Bean.

4. The following procedure works on Verizon Devices only.

II. Downloading Required Files:

1. Download the Fix File from here. (First link in that post)

III. Fixing Android Jelly Bean WiFi Issues:

1. Place the downloaded Fix File on the Desktop of your PC.

2. Connect your device to your PC using the USB cable.

3. Copy the Fix File to your device’s SD card Root folder. Make sure you are not putting the file in any deep folder.

4. Disconnect your device from the PC after the file is successfully copied.

5. Reboot your device into the ClockworkMod Recovery. The key combination to get into the recovery mode varies by the device you have, see the ClockworkMod procedure for your device to know it.

6. Once you are in the ClockworkMod Recovery, select install zip from sdcard and then choose zip from sdcard.

7. Navigate to the Fix File you copied to your phone in the step-3 and select it for flashing using the Power key.

8. Choose Yes on the next screen that prompts you for the flashing. The flashing will then begin.

9. Once the flashing is finished, choose reboot system now from the recovery menu.

Your device will reboot and when it starts up, you will see that the WiFi is working fine now, problem’s solved.

If this procedure helped you, then please head to the official thread over at XDA Forum to thank/donate to the original developer of this fix !

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